One-Time Website Services

Get your website set up right for search engine optimisation, page loading speed, and security.

SEO Tool Setup & Website Audit

Connect your site with Google and access visitor reports

  • Google Analytics setup
  • Cache configuration
  • .htaccess tweaking
  • Google & Bing Webmaster Tools setup
  • CMS functions for title/meta tags
  • Sitemap generation & submission
  • Plugin setup & configuration
  • CMS/Plugin updates where required
  • Audit report, advice & recommendations
  • WordPress specific tweaks

We’ll give your website a run through and go through our checklist to make sure everything is running smoothly and you have all the tools in place. Then we’ll set up accounts for you with Google and Bing to submit your new sitemaps. You can monitor everything yourself and track your visitors on Google Analytics. We can also address specific problems such as if your website has been delisted by Google due to changing domain names or malware.

Website Loading Speed Optimisation

Guaranteed speed increases for your website pages

  • Cache plugin configuration
  • Image optimisation
  • Setup automatic image processing/clean-up plugins
  • Apache/PHP/MySQL speed optimisations
  • Install optimisation plugins and remove unused
  • .htaccess speed optimisations
  • Speed report, advice & recommendations
  • Google PageSpeed & WebPageTest checks
  • WordPress specific tweaks

If your site is a bit sluggish, we’ll put it on a diet and get it running quicker. We have a long list of configuration tweaks that we can perform on your site to enhance the speed that it is loaded to your viewers. Our website tweaks include cache configuration, setting up automatic image optimisation processing, removing or compressing scripts, code and images. Guaranteed speed improvement or your money back (based on

Website Security Audit & Malware Removal

Secure your website or clean a malware infection

If you suspect that your website has an infection, or you just want piece of mind, then our team can go through our checklist and perform a thorough security audit of your website.

  • Website files virus scanned and checked.
  • CMS & plugin software updates.
  • Activity monitoring setup.
  • Recommended security plugin installation & configuration.
  • .htaccess blocking and tweaks setup.
  • Malware scan & cleanup
  • WordPress specific tweaks

We’ll review your website and make our security recommendations. If you are on WordPress we will secure your installation and set things up to stay that way. We'll give you a full website security report after our audit and if your site is already compromised with a malware infection then we'll clean it up.